Civil War Soldier

CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army

CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army
CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army

CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army

Note: Many of my clients are scholars and historians seeking specific information related to their research. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. Subject Matter Featured in this Work (General/Partial Only, Please See Full Contents in Main Description Below): Womans Work in the Civil War Brockett Rebellion War Between the States Camp Hospital Field Army Nurse Nursing Aid Societies Sanitary Fair Commission Charitable Volunteer Philanthropy Battles Combat Victims Andersonville Millen Charleston Florence Prison Belle Isle Libby Patriotic Service Florence Nightingale American Women Sanitary Commission Soldiers Homes Refreshment Saloons Dorothea L. Dix Sick and Wounded Clara Harlowe Barton Massachusetts Soldiers Washington Cedar Mountain Bull Run Chantilly Fredericksburg Morris Island Fort Wagner Sumter Belle Plain Fredericksburg White House City Point Antietam Smoketown General Hospital Falmouth Chancellorsville Gettysburg Warrenton Chattanooga Cairo Pittsburg Landing Corinth Memphis Vicksburg Atlanta Nashville Franklin Tennessee Lexington Kentucky Morgans Raiders Fort Albany Camp Misery Hospital Transport Service Battle of Fair Oaks Womans Union Aid Society of Newport Lovell General Hospital Portsmouth Rhode Island C Abernethy HA Adams Martha Adams N Ward Louise M Alcott LD Aldrich Milly Aldrich Mary Allen Phebe Allen Sarah Allen Kate B Anderson Robert Anderson Emma Andrews Mary Andrews Archer Armstrong Grace Babcock Elbridge Bacon Bailey Catharine Bailey Hannah F Bailey Baily Delphine P Baker Bakewell M L Ballard Balustier C N Barker C V Barker Stephen Barker Arabella Griffith Barlow Barnard Barnett Ellen B Barrows Mary E Bartlett Abner Bartlett Sarah A Barton Clara Harlowe Barton H Baylis Beck Annie Bell Susan J Bell H W Bellows Bennett R H Bennison Rebecca Bergen Mary A Bickerdyke es Biddle R M Bigelow R K Billing Rose M Billing Bird Lucy J Bissell Mary Bissell MA Blackman Emily Blackwell Elizabeth Blackwell Anna Blanchard H Blanchard Booth Vincenzo Botta Margaret Boyer Charlotte Bradford Amy M Bradley Mary A Bradley Mary Clark Brayton Margaret E Breckinridge E C Brendell Brewster Brewster SW Brewster Martin Brimmer Bettie Broadhead Maria Brooks Kady Brownell Bryden Sophronia Bucklin Caldwell John Campbell Lucy L Campbell Valeria Campbell SA Martha Anna Carver Mary Cary Cynthia Case Mary A Cassidy Nellie Chase Chapman GD Chapman Anna L Clapp Samuel H Clapp A M Clark Eudora Clark Lincoln Clark Robert Colby Harriet R Colfax Ellen Collins Henrietta L Colt Stephen Colwell R E Conrad Nettie C Constant C P Coolidge Sarah Combs Elizabeth S Comstock Sarah J Cowen Mary Courteney Caroline Cox WF Cozzens Rebecca M Craighead Joseph Crawshaw George Curtis E Curtiss Hattie A Dada Harriet B Dame Emily W Dana Clara Davis E W Davis G T M Davis Samuel C Davis Juliana Day. WOMANS WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR.

A Record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience. Published in 1867 by Zeigler, McCurdy & Co. 9 x 6 cloth hardcover.

Exterior has wear as shown in photo, some wear on spine and at corners. Strong hinges, secure text block. Pages have typical foxing for a Civil War era book, a bit heavier at the front and on plates. A few small moisture blemishes on the illustrated title page.

No torn, loose or missing pages. Good example of this antique 1867 Civil War title. Special Note: Folks, this is a rare title. Books like this dont come along often and with every passing year the opportunities to acquire such rarities grow less frequent.

Thank you for your interest in my books. This book is an enormous and very detailed tribute to the women who served as nurses in the hospitals of the Civil War. Some of these women, such as Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix, received national recognition for their service during the war, but the majority of the dozens of women profiled in this book simply faded into history, their only reward the knowledge that they helped their country in a time of dire need. Fortunately for future generations, their stories were recorded here in this book, which the author researched while the war was being waged. The preparation of this work, or rather the collection of material for it, was commenced in the autumn of 1863. While engaged in the compilation of a little book on "The Philanthropic Results of the War" for circulation abroad, in the summer of that year, the writer became so deeply impressed with the extraordinary sacrifices and devotion of loyal women, in the national cause, that he determined to make a record of them for the honor of his country. A voluminous correspondence then commenced and continued to the present time, soon demonstrated how general were the acts of patriotic devotion, and an extensive tour, undertaken the following summer, to obtain by personal observation and intercourse with these historic women, a more clear and comprehensive idea of what they had done and what they were doing, only served to increase his admiration for their zeal, patience and self-denying effort. Meantime the war still continued, and the collisions between Grant and Lee in the East, and Sherman and Johnston in the South, the fierce campaigin between Thomas and Hood in Tennessee, Sheridan's annihilating defeats of Early in the valley of the Shenandoah, and Wilson's magnificent expedition in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, as well as the mixed naval and military victories at Mobile and Wilmington, were fruitful in wounds, sickness and death.

Never had the gentle and patient ministrations of woman been so needful as in the last year of the war; and never had they been so abundantly bestowed, and with such zeal and self-forgetfulness. From Andersonville, and Millen, from Charleston and Florence, from Salisbury, and Wilmington, from Belle Isle, and Libby Prison, came also, in these later months of the war, thousands of our bravest and noblest heroes, captured by the rebels, the feeble remnant of the tens of thousands imprisoned there, a majority of whom had perished of cold, nakedness, starvation, and disease, in those charnel houses, victims of the fiendish malignity of the rebel leaders.

These poor fellows, starved to the last degree of emaciation, crippled and dying from frost and gangrene, many of them idiotic from their sufferings, or with the fierce fever of typhus, more deadly than sword or minie bullet, raging in their veins, were brought to Annapolis and to Wilmington, and unmindful of the deadly infection, gentle and tender women ministered. Ever and anon, in these works of mercy, one of these fair ministrants died a martyr to her faithfulness, asking, often only, to be buried beside her "boys, " but the work never ceased while there was a soldier to be nursed. After poring over the stories of hundreds of women whose self-sacrifice made them stand out among their peers, the authors narrowed their list down to fifty women for inclusion in this volume. Each woman is individually profiled, with biographical details of their lives; hospitals and battlefields where they performed their noble service; facts collected from the women themselves, eyewitnesses and personal acquaintances; and much more.

In order to give you the most accurate description of this rare and valuable book, I have provided some helpful details below, starting with a detailed look at the Contents. Further down this page, you can have a look at photos of the book and some of the engraved plates inside. Theres also more information regarding condition. I hope youll take a few moments to have a look. Introductory Chapter: Patriotism in some form, an attribute of woman in all nations and climes Its modes of manifestation Paeans for victory Lamentations for the death of a heroic leader Personal leadership by women The assassination of tyrants The care of the sick and the wounded of national armies The hospitals established by the Empress Helena The Beguines and their successors The cantinieres, vivandieres, etc Other modes in which women manifested their patriotism Florence Nightingale and her successors The results The awakening of patriotic zeal among American women at the opening of the war The organization of philanthropic effort Hospital nurses Miss Dixs rejection of great numbers of applicants on account of youth Hired nurses Their services generally prompted by patriotism rather than pay The State relief agents (ladies) at Washington The hospital transport system of the Sanitary Commission Mrs.

Harriss, Mrs Faless, Miss Gilsons, and other ladies services at the front during the battles of 1862 Services of other ladies at Chancellorsville at Gettysburg The Field Relief of the Sanitary Commission, and services of ladies in the later battles Voluntary services of women in the armies in the field at the West Services in the hospitals of garrisons and fortified towns Soldiers homes and lodges, and their matrons Homes for refugees Instruction of the Freedmen Refreshment saloons at Philadelphia Regular visiting of hospitals in large cities The Soldiers Aid Societies, and their mode of operation The extraordinary labors of the managers of the Branch societies Government clothing contracts Mrs. Springer, Miss Wormeley and Miss Gilson The managers of the local Soldiers Aid Societies The sacrifices made by the poor to contribute supplies Examples The labors of the young and old Inscriptions on articles The poor seamstress Five hundred bushels of wheat The five dollar gold piece The army of martyrs The effect of this female patriotism in stimulating the courage of the soldiers Lack of persistence in this work among the Women of the South Present and future Effect of patriotism and self-sacrifice in elevating and enabling the female character. Livermores account of her labors The adjutant generals order Dr. Bellowss estimate of her work Her kindness to her nurses Her publications Her manners and address Labors for the insane poor since the war.

Part Two Ladies Who Ministered to the Sick and Wounded in Camp, Field, and General Hospitals. Early history Her first work for the soldiers Collecting supplies The clothing contract Providing for soldiers wives and daughters Application to Miss Dix for an appointmentas nurse She is rejected as too young Associated with Hon. Frank B Fay in the Auxiliary Relief Service Her labors on the Hospital Transports Her manner of working Her extraordinary personal influence Her work at Gettysburg Influence over the men Carrying a sick comrade to the hospital Her system and self-possession Pleading the cause of the soldier with the people Her services in Grants protracted campaign The hospitals at Fredericksburg Singing to the soldiers Her visit to the barge of contrabands Her address to the negroes Singing to them The hospital for colored soldiers Miss Gilson reorganizes and remodels it, making it the best hospital at City Point Her labors for the spiritual good of the men in her hospital Her care for the negro washerwomen and their families Completion of her work Personal appearance of Miss Gilson. Porters social position Her patriotism Labors in the hospitals at Cairo She takes charge of the Northwestern Sanitary Commission rooms at Chicago Her determination to go, with a corps of nurses, to the front Cairo and Paducah Visit to Pittsburg Landing after the battle She brings nurses and supplies for the hospitals from Chicago At Corinth At Memphis Work among the freedmen at Memphis and elsewhere Efforts for the establishment of hospitals for the sick and wounded in the Northwest Cooperation with Mrs.

Howe The Harvey Hospital At Natchez and Vicksburg Other appeals for Northern hospitals At Huntsville with Mrs. Bickerdyke At Chattanooga Experiences in a field hospital in the woods Following Shermans army from Chattanooga to Atlanta Constant labors The distribution of supplies to the soldiers of Shermans army near Washington A patriotic family. Bickerdyke Her regard for the private soldiers Mother Bickerdyke and her boys Her work at Savannah after the battle of Shiloh What she accomplished at Perryville The Gayoso Hospital at Memphis Colored nurses and attendants A model hospital The delinquent assistant-surgeon Mrs Bickerdykes philippic She procures his dismissal His interview with General Sherman She ranks me The commanding generals appreciate her Convalescent soldiers vs.

Colored nurses The Medical Directors orders Mrs. Bickerdykes triumph A dairy and hennery for the hospitals Two hundred cows and a thousand hens Her first visit to the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce Go over to Canada This country has no place for such creatures.

At Vicksburg In field hospitals The dresses riddled with sparks The box of clothing for herself Trading for butter and eggs for the soldiers The two lace-trimmed night-dresses A new style of hospital clothing for wounded soldiers A second visit to Milwaukee Mrs. Bickerdykes speech Set your standard higher yet In the Huntsville hospital At Chattanooga at the close of the battle The only woman on the ground for four weeks Cooking under difficulties His interview with General Grant Complaints for the neglect of the other men by some of the surgeons Go around to the hospitals and see for yourself Visits Huntsville, Pulaski, etc With Sherman from Chattanooga to Atlanta Making dishes for the sick out of hard tack and the ordinary rations At Nashville and Franklin Through the Carolinas with Sherman Distribution of supplies near Washington The Freedmens Home and Refuge at Chicago. Sketch of her personal appearance Her gentle, tender, winning ways The American Florence Nightingale What if I do die? The Breckinridge family Margarets childhood and youth Her emancipation of her slaves Working for the soldiers early in the war Not one of the Home Guards Her earnest desire to labor in the hospitals Hospital service at Baltimore At Lexington, Kentucky Morgans first raid Her visit to the wounded soldiers Every one of you bring a regiment with you Visiting the St.

Louis Hospitals On the hospital boats on the Mississippi Perils of the voyage Severe and incessant labor The contrabands at Helena Touching incidents of the wounded on the hospital boats The service pays In the hospitals of St. Louis Impaired health She goes eastward for rest and recovery A year of weakness and weariness In the hospital at Philadelphia A ministering angel Colonel Porter her brother-in-law killed at Cold Harbor She goes to Baltimore to meet the body Is seized with typhoid fever and dies after five weeks illness. Palmer His quaint reply Her first experience as nurse in the regimental hospital Skill and tact in managing it Promoted by General Slocum to the charge of the Brigade Hospital Hospital Transport Service Over exertion and need of rest The organization of the Soldiers Home at Washington Visiting hospitals at her leisure Camp Misery Wretched condition of the men The rendezvous of distribution Miss Bradley goes thither as Sanitary Commission agent Her zealous and multifarious labors Bringing in the discharged men for their papers Procuring the correction of their papers and the reinstatement of the men The Soldiers Journal Miss Bradleys object in its establishment His success Presents to Miss Bradley Personal appearance.

Birth and education of Mrs. Griffith Her marriage at the beginning of the war She accompanies her husband to the camp, and wherever it is possible ministers to the wounded or sick soldiers Joins the Sanitary Commission in July, 1862, and labors among the sick and wounded at Harrisons Landing till late in August Dohertys description Colonel Barlow severely wounded at Antietam Mrs. Barlow nurses him with great tenderness, and at the same time ministers to the wounded of Sedgwick Hospital At Chancellorsville and Gettysburg General Barlow again wounded, and in the enemys lines She removes him and succors the wounded in the intervals of her care of him In May 1864 she was actively engaged at Belle Plain, Fredericksburg, Port Royal, White House and City Point Her incessant labor brought on fever and caused her death July 27, 1864 Tribute of the Sanitary Commission Bulletin, Dr.

Lieber and others, to her memory. Parentage and early history Removal to New Orleans Her son urged to enlist in the rebel army He is sent North The rebels persecute Mrs. Her house searched seven times for the flag The Judges son A piece of Southern chivalry Her son enlists in the rebel army to save her from molestation New Orleans occupied by Union forces Mrs. Tyler procures photographs of them Impaired health Resignation She visits Europe, and spends eighteen months there, advocating as she has opportunity to the National Cause The fiendish rebel spirit Incident relative to President Lincolns assassination. Social position of Mr and Mrs Holstein Early labors for the soldiers at home The battle of Antietam She goes with her husband to care for the wounded Her first emotions at the sight of the wounded Three years devotion to the service Mr and Mrs. The death of her husband, Governor Louis P Harvey Her intense grief She resolves to devorte herself to the care of the sick and wounded soldiers She visits St Louis as Agent for the State of Wisconsin Work in the St. Louis hospitals in the autumn of 1862 Heroic labors at Cape Girardeau Visiting hospitals along the Mississippi River The soldiers ideas of her influence and power Youngs Point in 1863 Illness of Mrs. Harvey She determines to secure the establishment of a General Hospital at Madison, Wisconsin, where from the fine climate the chances of recovery of the sick and wounded will be increased Her resolution and energy The Harvey Hospital The removal of the patients at Fort Pickering to it Repeated journeys down the Mississippi Presented with an elegant watch by the Second Wisconsin Cavalry Her influence over the soldiers The Soldiers Orphan Asylum at Madison.

Johnstons birth and social position Her interest in the Union prisoners A Yankee sympathizer The young soldier Her tender care of him, living and dead Work for the prisoners Her persecution by the rebels Why dont you pin me to the earth as you threatened? Sergeant, you cant make anything on that woman Copying the inscriptions on Union graves, and statistics of Union prisoners Her visit to the North. Her birth and education Her preparation for service in the hospitals Receives instruction in the care of the sick, dressing wounds, preparation of diet, etc Service at Fort Schuyler Hospital Mrs General Fremont secures her services for St. Louis Condition of St Louis and the other river cities at this time First assigned to Lawson Hospital Next to Hospital steamer City of Alton The voyage from Vicksburg to Memphis Return to St.

The first woman to work for the soldiers She commenced in December, 1860 Her continuous service Amount of stores distributed by her Variety and severity of her work Hospital Transport Service Harrisons Landing Her work in Popes campaign Death of her son Her sorrowful toil at Fredericksburg and Falmouth Her peculiarities and humor. Early labors for the soldiers Mr. Vassars testimony Gettysburg The campaign of 1864 Fredericksburg and City Point. Her ancestry Patriotic instincts of her family Harrisons Landing Nursing a sick son Ministers to others there Dr.

Marklands testimony At Camden Street Hospital, Baltimore Antietam Smoketown Hospital Associated with Miss M M C Hall Her admirable services as a nurse there Her personal appearance The wonderful apron with its pockets The battle flag Her heroism in contagious disease Attachment of the soldiers for her Her energy and activity Her adventures after the Battle of Chancellorsville The Field Hospital near United States Ford The forgetful surgeon Matron of Third Division, Third Corps Hospital, Gettysburg Dohertys description Camp Letterman Illness of Mrs. Husband Stationed at Camp Parole, Annapolis Hospital at Brandy Station The battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Overwhelming labor at Fredericksburg, Port Royal, White House, and City Point Second Corps Hospital at City Point Marching through Richmond Hurrah for mother Husband! The visit to her boys at Baileys Cross Roads Distribution of supplies Mrs.

Husbands labors for the pardon or commutation of the sentence of soldiers condemned by court-martial Her museum and its treasures. Other Labors of Some of the Members of the Hospital Transport Corps. Miss Bradley, Miss Gilson, Mrs.

Husband, Miss Charlotte Bradford, Mrs. Social position of the Woolsey sisters Mrs. Joseph Howland and her labors on the Hospital Transport Her tender and skillful nursing of the sick and wounded of her husbands regiment Poem addressed to her by a soldier Her encouragement and assistance to the woman nurses appointed by Miss Dix Mrs.

Howland Her labors in the hospitals and at the Metropolitan Sanitary Fair Her poetical contributions to the National cause In the hospital Miss Georgiana M. Woolsey Labors on the Hospital Transports At Portsmouth Grove Hospital After Chancellorsville Her work at Gettsyburg with her mother Three weeks at Gettysburg The approach to the battle-field The Sanitary Commissions Lodge near the abcxs railroad depot The supply tent Crutches Supplying rebels and Union men alike Dressing wounds On dress parade The Gettysburg women The Gettysburg farmers The dying soldiers The young rebel lieutenant The colored freedmen Praying for Massa Lincoln The purple and blue and yellow handkerchiefs The German mother The Oregon lieutenant Miss Woolseys rare capacities for her work Estimate of a lady friend Miss Jane Stuart Woolsey Labors in hospitals Her charge of the Freedmen at Richmond Miss Sarah C. Woolsey, at Portsmouth Grove Hospital. Her parentage and family Early devotion to works of charity and benevolence Praying for success in soliciting aid for the unfortunate The black small-pox The conductors wife The Cooper Shop Hospital Her incessant labors and tender care of her patients Her thoughtfulness for them when discharged Her unselfish devotion to the good of others Sending a soldier to his friends The attachment of the soldiers to her The home for discharged soldiers Her efforts to provide the funds for it Her success The walk to South Street Her sudden attack of paralysis and death The monument and its inscription. Mrs Davis is a native of Pittsfield, Massachusetts A patriotic family General Bartlett She becomes Secretary of the Park Barracks Ladies Association The Bedloes Island Hospital The controversy Discharge of the surgeon Withdrawal from the Association The hospital at Davids Island Mrs. Daviss labors there The Soldiers Rest on Howard Street She becomes the Secretary of the Ladies Association connected with it Visits to other hospitals Gratitude of the men to whom she has ministered Appeals to the women of Berkshire Her ecomiums on their abundant labors. The detail above is a mere sampling of how rich this book is with information. What Ive just shown you accounts for ONLY HALF of the books full contents. Miss Vance and Miss Blackmar.

The Hospital Corps of the Naval Academy Hospital, Annapolis. Other Labors of Some of the Members of the Annapolis Hospital Corps.

Part Three Ladies Who Organized Aid Societies, Received and Forwarded Supplies to the Hospitals, Devoting Their Whole Time to the Work, Etc. Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio.

New England Women's Auxiliary Association. General Aid Society for the Army, Buffalo. Women's Pennsylvania Branch of United States Sanitary Commission. The Wisconsin Soldiers' Aid Society. Pittsburg Branch United States Sanitary Commission.

Louis Ladies' Union Aid Society. Ladies' Aid Society of Philadelphia. Women's Relief Association of Brooklyn and Long Island. New England Soldiers' Relief Association.

Part Four Ladies Distinguished for Services Among the Freedmen and Refugees. Other Friends of the Freedmen and Refugees.

Part Five Ladies Distinguished for Services in Soldiers' Homes, Volunteer Refreshment Saloons, on Government Hospital Transports, Etc. Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon of Philadelphia. Miss Hattie R Sharples and Her Associates. Part Six Ladies Distinguished for Other Services in the National Cause. Other Defenders of the Flag.

Loyal Women of the South. The Faithful But Less Conspicuous Laborers. Names of Women Whose Services Are Recorded In This Book: Mrs. Adams Miss Martha Adams Mrs N. Aldrich Milly Aldrich Mrs Mary Allen Miss Phebe Allen Miss Sarah Allen Mrs Kate B Anderson Mrs.

Robert Anderson Emma Andrews Mrs Mary Andrews Mrs Archer Miss Armstrong Miss Grace Babcock Mrs Elbridge Bacon Mrs Bailey Mrs Catharine Bailey Mrs. Baily Miss Delphine P Baker Miss Bakewell Mrs. C N Barker Mrs C V Barker Mrs.

Stephen Barker Mrs Arabella Griffith Barlow Mrs Barnard Mrs Barnett Mrs Ellen B Barrows Miss Mary E Bartlett Mrs Abner Bartlett Mrs Sarah A Barton Miss Clara Harlowe Barton Mrs H Baylis Mrs Beck Miss Annie Bell Miss Susan J Bell Mrs H W Bellows Miss Bennett Mrs R H Bennison Miss Rebecca Bergen Mrs Mary A Bickerdyke Misses Biddle Mrs R M Bigelow Mrs R K Billing Miss Rose M. Billing Miss Bird Miss Lucy J. Bissell Miss Mary Bissell Miss M. Blackman Miss Emily Blackwell Miss Elizabeth Blackwell Miss Anna Blanchard Miss H Blanchard Mrs.

Booth Mrs Vincenzo Botta Mrs Margaret Boyer Miss Charlotte Bradford Miss Amy M. Bradley Miss Mary Clark Brayton Miss Margaret E Breckinridge Mrs E.

Brewster Mrs Martin Brimmer Mrs Bettie Broadhead Mrs Maria Brooks Mrs. Bryden Miss Sophronia Bucklin Mrs Caldwell Mrs. John Campbell Mrs Lucy L Campbell Miss Valeria Campbell Mrs.

Anna Carver Miss Mary Cary Mrs Cynthia Case Mrs. Mary A Cassidy Miss Nellie Chase Mrs. A M Clark Miss Eudora Clark Mrs.

Harriet R Colfax Miss Ellen Collins Mrs. Henrietta L Colt Mrs Stephen Colwell Mrs R E Conrad Mrs Nettie C Constant Mrs C P Coolidge Mrs Sarah Combs Mrs Elizabeth S Comstock Mrs. Mary Courteney Miss Caroline Cox Mrs. Craighead Mrs Joseph Crawshaw Mrs. George Curtis Mrs E Curtiss Miss Hattie A Dada Mrs Harriet B Dame Miss Emily W Dana Miss Clara Davis Mrs E W Davis Mrs G T M Davis Mrs Samuel C Davis Mrs Juliana Day Miss Anna M Debenham Mrs.

Delafield Mrs Z Denham Miss Z. Detmold Bridget Divers Miss Dorothea L Dix Mrs.

Dodge Mrs Minnie Don Carlos Mrs T. DOremieulx Miss Deborah Dougherty Miss M. Duane Miss S B Dunlap Miss Mary E. Dupee Mrs M J Dykeman Mrs J S Eaton Mrs Lucien Eaton Mrs T D Edgar Mrs Sarah P Edson Miss Edwards Mrs Anna A Elkinton Miss Melcenia Elliott Mrs. Mary Ellis Miss Ruth L.

Ellis Mrs Charles L Ely Mrs. Ely Mrs Mary Englemann Mrs Annie Etheridge Mrs. Almira Fales Miss Fales Mrs Lizzie H Farr Mrs W M Fellows Miss Mary Felton Mrs Sarah Femington Mrs Curtis T Fenn Mrs James E Fernald Mrs Ferris Mrs David Dudley Field Mrs Mary E Field Miss Field Mrs C W Field Mrs Samuel Field Mrs. Clinton B Fisk Mrs Benjamin Flanders Miss Fanny Flanders Miss Florence Flanders Mrs. Isabella Fogg Mrs Joseph E Follett Miss Kate Foote Miss Charlotte Ford Miss Harriet Fox Miss Abby Francis Mrs M L Frederick Mrs Olive Freeman Mrs Jessie B Fremont Barbara Frietchie Mrs W H Furness Mrs Frances Dana Gage Miss M Gardiner Mrs E E George Mrs A H Gibbons Miss Sarah H Gibbons Mrs E O Gibson Mrs Peter Gibson Mrs E D Gillespie Miss Agnes Gillis Miss Helen L Gilson Miss Eliza S Glover Miss Emily Gove Mrs C Graff Mrs Caroline E Gray Mrs Edwin Greble Mrs Green Mrs Maria C Grier Mrs Josephine R Griffin Mrs William Preston Griffin Mrs Mary Grover Mrs Priscilla Grover Miss Grover Mrs Guest Mrs C C Hagar Miss Sarah J Hagar Mrs Hannah A Haines Miss Maria M C Hall Miss Susan E Hall Mrs M E Halbert Mrs M M Hallowell Miss Cornelia Hancock Mrs. James Harlan Miss Amelia Harmon Mrs.

John Harris Miss W F Harris Miss E A Hart Miss Isabella M Hartshorne Mrs Cordelia A P Harvey Miss C A Harwood Miss E P Hawley Mrs Harriet Foote Hawley Mrs Hazard Mrs Eliza Helmbold Mrs Heyle Mrs J E Hickox Mrs Hicks Mrs George Hoadley Mrs H F Hoes Mrs Hodge Mrs A H Hoge Mrs F A Holden Miss Sarah Holden Mrs Amelia L Holmes Miss Belle Holmes Mrs William H Holstein Miss Jessie Home Mrs Lucy H Hooper Mrs Elizabeth Horton Mrs O E Hosmer Mrs Houghton Miss Abbie J Howe Mrs Charles Howe Mrs O T Howe Mrs Howell Mrs Eliza W Howland Mrs Robert S Howland Miss Humphrey Mrs Mary Morris Husband Mrs Ide Mrs Ives Mrs Margaret A Jackson Mrs A D Jessup Miss Addie E Johnson Miss Ida Johnson Mrs J Warner Johnson Mrs Johnson Mrs Sarah R Johnston Mrs Elizabeth Jones Miss Hetty A Jones Mrs Joel Jones Miss Maria Josslyn Mrs S B Kellogg Miss E M King Mrs Washington King Mrs Wyllys King Mrs Dr Kirchner Mrs Caroline M Kirkland Miss A M Knight Miss Sophia Knight Miss Krider Miss Adeline A Lane Mrs David Lane Mrs P C Latham Mrs L E Lathrop Mrs Lathrop Mrs Lydia Leach Miss Charlotte Ledergerber Miss Amanda Lee Miss Mary W Lee Miss Anna P Little Mrs Mary A Livermore Miss Long Miss Ira E Loring Miss Sarah E Lovejoy Miss S R Lovell Miss Anna Lowell Mrs Lowell Mrs Ellen J Lowry Mrs Mary Ludlow Miss McCabe Miss Clara McClintock Miss Marian McClintock Miss Sarah F McCracken Mrs Hetty M McEwen Miss Rachel W McFadden Mrs Charlotte E McKay Mrs Anna C McMeens Mrs McMilla Miss Carrie C McNair Miss Louisa Maertz Mrs F F Maltby Miss Maria R Mann Mrs M M Marsh Miss Fanny Marshall Mrs Emily Mason Miss Abby W May Mrs Ruth S Mayhew Mrs S H Melvin Mrs Elizabeth S Mendenhall Mrs. Merritt Mrs Mills Miss Ellen E Mitchell Miss Molineaux Miss Clara J Moore Mrs Moore of Knoxville Tennessee Mrs E J Morris Miss Morris Miss Rachel W Morris Miss M J Moss Mrs Jane R Munsell Miss Ellen E Murdoch Miss C Nash Mrs H A Nelson Miss Susan Newhall Mrs. Elizabeth A Nichols Miss Helen M. Nutt Mrs Dorothea Ogden Mrs.

Oliver Miss N L Ostram Miss Louisa Otis Mrs Mary Otis Miss Eliza Page Mrs E J Page Mrs Hetty K Painter Mrs Mary E Palmer Mrs John Palmer Mrs Pancoast Mrs Lydia G Parrish Miss Emily E Parsons Mrs George Partridge Miss Jane Patrick Miss Harriet Peabody Mrs Peabody Miss Penfield Miss Mary Dwight Pettes Mrs. John S Phelps Miss Mary Pierson Miss Harriet N Philips Miss Pinkham Mrs Eliza G Plummer Mrs S A Plummer Mrs Lucy G Pomeroy Mrs Robert Pomeroy Mrs Eliza Z Porter Miss Elizabeth L Porter Miss A Post Mrs T M Post Mrs William Preble Miss Almira Quimby Mrs A Reese Mrs H A Reid Miss Hattie S Reifsnyder Mrs J P Reynolds Misses Rexford Miss Rich Mrs.

Richardson Mrs Fanny L Ricketts Miss Belle Robinson Mrs William B Rogers Miss Anna Maria Ross Mrs B Rouse Miss Alice F Royer Mrs E A Russell Mrs E J Russell Mrs C E Russell Miss Mary J Salford Mrs Sager Mrs J D B Salter Mrs Sampson Mrs Schaums Mrs G L Schuyler Miss Louisa Lee Schuyler Mrs Paul Selby Mrs T W Seward Mrs Horatio Seymour Miss Hattie R Sharpless Mrs Anna M Shattuck The Misses Shaw Miss Mary E Sheffield Miss Carrie Sheads Miss N A Shephard Miss S A Sibley Mrs Jerusha C Small Mrs Aubrey H Smith Mrs Hannah Smith Mrs Smith Mrs Eliza J Smith Mrs Rebecca S Smith Mrs L Snell Miss Jennie Tileston Spaulding Mrs R H Spencer Mrs C R Springer Mrs Lucy E Starr Mrs C W Starbuck Mrs S Burger Stearns Mrs. Steel Mrs Florence P Sterling Mrs M A Stetler Miss Gertrude Stevens Miss Melvina Stevens Mrs N Stevens Miss Hannah E Stevensonn Miss Ella Steward Mrs Charles J Stille Mrs R H Stone Mrs Stoneberger Mrs Mariamne F Stranahan Mrs Elizabeth M Streeter Mrs George T Strong Mrs J A Swett Miss Swayne Mrs Arabella Tannehill Miss Alice Taylor Mrs Nellie Maria Taylor Miss Ellen F Terry Mrs J Tevis Mrs E Thomas Mrs Thomas of New Orleans Miss Kate P Thompson Miss Anna Ticknor Mrs George Ticknor Miss Jennie Tileston Miss Catherine Tilton Mrs Lucretia Jane Stilton Mrs Smith Tinkham Miss Louise Tinkham Mrs Effie Titlow Miss Cornelia M Tompkins Mrs Laura Trotter Madame Turchin Mrs Adaline Tyler Miss Tyson Miss Rebecca R Usher Miss Mary Vance Mrs Dr Vanderkieft Mrs Jennie Wade Mrs Mary B Wade Miss Adeline Walker Miss Wallace Mrs Martha A Wallace Mrs Anne Ward Mrs S R Ward Miss Kate E Waterbury Mrs Waterman Mrs. E M Webber Mrs H M Weed Mrs Shepard Wells Miss Harriet Douglas Whetten Miss Mary A Whitaker Mrs Wibrey Miss Georgiana Willets Miss Williams Miss Hattie Wiswall Mrs E C Witherell Mrs Annie Wittenmeyer Miss Ella Wolcott Mrs. Wolfley Mrs Lucretia P Wood Mrs William Woods Miss Georgiana M. Woolsey Miss Jane Stuart Woolsey Miss Sarah C.

Woolsey Mrs Woolsey Miss Katharine P. Wormeley Mrs Crafts J Wright Miss M.


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  • Year Printed: 1867
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: Civil War (1861-65)
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Region: North America
  • Author: Brockett
  • Subject: Military & War
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Zeigler McCurdy
  • Place of Publication: Philadelphia
  • Special Attributes: Illustrated

CIVIL WAR Women NURSE Nursing 1867 Hospital SANITARY FAIR Soldier Aid UNION Army